Review: Plantronics Voyager Focus UC

Today’s post will be a review of the Voyager Focus UC headset from Plantronics. It is a bluetooth on-ear headset that is focused on communication. The name “Focus UC” becomes evident whenever you use it.

I’ve been living with this headset for the last couple of weeks. I’ve used it in any situation that requires a headset, be it a Skype for Business meeting or watching the latest episode of a TV-series. My iPhone has been constantly connected to the headset. The same goes for my laptop whenever it has been powered on.

When using a headset there are a few basic requirements that needs to be covered before we can go into specific details.


I’ve always been cautious when it comes to on-ear headsets because my ears are very sensitive. Some days I spend the majority of the day in Skype for Business meetings, which means hours on hours without taking the headset of. I have always thought that the constant pressure on the ears would make an on-ear headset impossible for me to use. Plantronics have proved me wrong, the Voyager Focus UC is very comfortable even after wearing them for a long time. This is because the ear pads are very soft and the pressure on the ears are very light but not as light as to cause the headset to slip out of place.

Audio quality

Needless to say audio quality is very important to a headset. The Voyager Focus UC does not disappoint in this department. The Active Noise Cancellation effect is, of course, less prominent than in an over-ear headset but for an office environment its just where it needs to be. I’m not bothered by any surrounding sound at all while I’m working at my desk. When listening to music the quality is good, I’m quite impressed by the bass delivered by the headset. While good audio quality is _quite_ common in headsets I find that mics are often lacking in quality. The mic of the Voyager Focus UC is nothing short of fantastic. I’ve tested it outside in windy conditions and it still performs really well.

Form factor

The Voyager Focus UC is a relatively small headset that is easy to carry around in, for instance, a lap top bag when you’re not wearing it. The build quality is good and feels robust while being very light weight.


From good to fantastic

The above categories are fundamentally important in a good headset.  So what can make a communications headset like this go from good to fantastic? In the case of the Voyager Focus UC it’s the combination of doing a fantastic job in the categories above with all the extra features Plantronics has incorporated into the device. Features that I, from now on, almost consider mandatory in a headset.

Apart from the standard controls of volume and answering/hanging up a call I really appreciate to be able to play/pause and skip tracks when listening to music. Being able to mute the headset with a button is s must for me but it’s not necessary with this headset (more on this later).

The Voyager Focus UC is a Bluetooth Class 1 unit which gives it a fantastic range when paired to another Class 1 device. It’s possible to be paired with up to two devices simultaneously. Whether it’s a call to my mobile phone or my Skype for Business PC-client I just click the answer button. And to all the Skype for Business people out there; when answering a call on your mobile phone the Plantronics hub sets your presence to “in a call”. That’s really neat.

Smart Sensor
The headset comes equipped with a Smart Sensor technology. This sensor knows whether you have your headset on or off. It can be used to answer calls by putting your headset, mute the mic when you take your headset off while in a call and unmute when you put it on again. It also pauses your music if you take it off and resumes when you take it on. Another nice thing is that when you take it off it disables the active noise cancellation to conserve battery when you’re not using the headset.

Battery life
The talk time is around 10-12 hours and about 8 hours for music/video. Meaning that even after a full day of meetings and music in between I still have battery left.


I am extremely impressed with this headset. I might be preaching to the (Skype4B) choir here but this headset is truly fantastic. Plantronics has made a fantastic headset that should cover any communication needs. If you are treating yourself to a new headset this Christmas I not only recommend this headset, I urge you to get the Voyager Focus UC. You won’t be disappointed.