Microsoft Ignite and PointSharp 4.4 Skype4B Security

Hello! Those of you that read my twitter already know that I am going to Microsoft Ignite next week. Those who didn’t know would have known if they followed me on twitter (hint hint). Anyway, I’m going to Ignite with many of my PointSharp colleagues. I’ll be going to sessions, stalking various Skype MVPs and of course be in our booth (#563) and talk about Skype for Business security.

We will also be bringing our brand new version, PointSharp 4.4, to the conference which includes some nice features for Lync/Skype4B.

  • A new admin UI
    Previously we used the IIS Manager to configure our reverse proxy, in this version we have built our own UI which makes administration and deployment much easier.

    Mobile Gateway UI

  • Device registration for PC
    In our previous versions we created a partnership between a user and their mobile device. This ensures that credentials cannot be stolen and used on another device. Now, we are bringing this functionality to the Edge server which means that we can do the same for PCs.
  • Block clients
    We have made it possible to block an active client. For instance if a user’s phone is stolen/lost we can block that specific device. The client becomes useless, it doesn’t even matter if the correct credentials are stored on the mobile device or PC. No more disabling the whole account.

These new features combined with application specific passwords (no need for domain passwords on devices), pre-authentication and even two-factor authentication provides a lot of extra security to Lync/Skype4B. I have to say I’m proud of what our team has has done. More info at PointSharp

4.4 Architecture

Are you coming to Ignite? Come talk to me in our booth, ping me on twitter (@techmikal). I’ll also be at some of the UC oriented parties in the evenings. I hope to meet you there!

Lync Android client updated

Today Microsoft released an update for its Lync Android client. This new release brings some quite significant changes.

* Support for Passive Authentication
* Support for certificate authentication

These two changes brings the Android client up to speed to the other mobile clients when it comes to authentication. This is a necessary step to support Android as a full fledged mobile client.

* Contact management
This option is only available in the cloud… Which is a little dissapointing but fear not, it will be available in the next on-premise version.

One of the minor but very appreciated difference in this new version is that the calendar is changed to cover more days than just today.

What are you waiting for? Go grab it at the store.

For more information:

Exchange 2013 SP1 released

Yesterday Microsoft released SP1 for Exchange 2013. Apart from bug fixes this release brings new interesting features. Some of them stand out a bit more.

S/MIME support in OWA
Finally the OWA will support S/MIME encryption. This is a much needed and sorely missed feature from Exchange 2010. For me it’s an absolute requirement for any Exchange client I use. Excellent!

AD FS claims support for OWA
This means that the OWA will have support for claims based authentication. This was possible in 2010, but I don’t think it was a supported configuration.

A new protocol has been released and it seems like it will be the default protocol for Outlook. You probably remember MAPI from older Exchange versions but it could not be transported using HTTP. The only way to use HTTP was to use Outlook anywhere which uses RPC over HTTP. In Exchange 2013 Outlook clients left MAPI for RPC over HTTP. I look forward to looking into this new protocol.

Download SP1 for Exchange 2013 here: