Lync Day 2014

Hello everyone, it’s been quite some time since I last posted due to the fact that my schedule has been crazy the last couple of months. It still is and its filled with Lync so that is great but I will try to update more often.

So as an easy come back I’m going to share my thoughts on Lync Day 2014 which was held in Oslo by Ståle Hansen and the Knowledge Factory team. I attended the event as an exhibitor but I still had the chance to attend some of the sessions. More on those later in the post.

The event as a whole was a success I must say. Speaking to various attendees gave me the impression that it was a much appreciated event with very interesting sessions and professional speakers. Well, talking about speakers… There were at least 6 MVPs that had their own session. On top of that the UC architects did a live recording which included even more MVPs. Suffice to say the speakers knew what they were talking about.

I had the pleasure of attending two sessions.
First up was “Lync Mobile sign in process and media flow” with MVP Tom Arbuthnot as speaker. This session was really interesting for me as it is one of the areas of Lync that I’m very interested in. Tom did an excellent job of explaining how it works, what to think of when deploying mobility and even pointing out some typical pitfalls in deployment and troubleshooting.

Then I went on to “SIP and media in Lync explained” by MVP Johan Delimon. This was a deep dive into the SIP protocol and how it works in Lync. Johan was very thorough in his explanations. I must say all the examples from snooper was much appreciated where he could show us the SIP dialog and also how SDP works and helps the clients decide which codecs to use.

Last but not least by any means I went to the live recording of the UC Architects podcast with Pat Richard as the host. It felt like a privilege to be present during the recording. It was also great to see how relaxed the discussion was. I guess most of the panel are very used to talk in front of the masses but it still impresses me how professional they were while still keeping it relaxed. Before the end of the podcast Steve Goodman summarized the day saying “I had a good Lync Day today”, I think that was spot on.

I big thanks to Ståle for arranging this event, I hope there will be a 2015 version.

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